Who we are

Training & apprenticeships to inspire

We are a RoATP registered training provider who work in partnership with employers to provide a complete package of support for your employee development needs.

We create apprenticeships and training that develop the learner and enhance the employer organisation and individual. One cannot happen without the other. This is why we place equal importance on looking after both the learner and the organisation with every placement.

With 25 years of experience drawn from the business of education and sport our values of participation, friendship and equality are at the heart of everything we do.

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Our Mission

Inspiring training through quality education for forward thinking

We provide excellent tutoring to learners through our experienced, specialist staff
and ensure our offering meets the needs of the learner, employer, and industry.

For Businesses

Developing the apprentice to fit your organisation

Apprenticeships provide a unique opportunity to enhance a person’s skill set to fit your specific requirements. To make that process as natural and successful as possible, we work across a variety of sectors to find the perfect match. We deliver established apprenticeship standards and tailor the syllabus for the best learner and organisation outcomes. 

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Benefits of apprenticeships for employers
Employee training in the workplace
For Sports Clubs

Cost effective recruitment and training

Sport is at the heart of our business and we work in partnership with sports clubs and gyms and sports organisations to take on the work of matching an apprentice to your setting. With 25 years of experience in apprenticeships we will guide you all the way from recruitment to future career development of your people.

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For Schools

Delivering apprenticeships for an education setting 

Apprenticeships are a highly cost-effective way to recruit TAs and sports coaches for your school or college. At Ignite we do this through the Teaching Assistant, Community Activator Coach and Sports Coach standard, modified to PE specialisms to bring additional skills to your staff unit.

We are unique in the depth of service we provide from recruitment, programme development and through to career enhancement after completion. This means your investment stays with you, enhancing the overall educational offering of your organisation.

Benefits of recruiting an apprentice in schools
Adult Learning & Education in Schools
For Apprenticeship & Courses

Courses & Apprenticeships to educate and up-skill

We offer a portfolio of short courses in activity leadership and sports coaching. Our courses are free to attend and award industry recognised qualifications.  For those wishing to explore an apprenticeship, we are leaders in the field and welcome you to explore a journey with us.

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