Apprenticeships for everyone

If you’re new to the job market or have years of experience, you should consider apprenticeships 

You can apply for an apprenticeship straight from school (Year 11) or while you are already in paid employment. You could be working in a school setting, sports club or any business that is looking to develop fresh talent in a real work environment.

Apprenticeships are an excellent way of gaining qualifications and workplace experience. As an employee, you earn as you learn and you can gain practical skills from the workplace.

The most important element is that the apprenticeship has to work for you and your employer. So at Ignite we make sure the placement is as successful as the training schedule, and we are with you throughout the process.

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You can trust us to stay with you throughout your apprenticeship journey

Ignite is a registered training provider. Full-time apprenticeships in Sports Coaching and Teacher Assistant roles are available now, both here at Ignite and within a range of schools, sport related employers, coaching companies, leisure facilities and sports clubs. Get in touch now to begin your apprenticeship journey this year.

We are a leading training provider in the provision of apprenticeships, NGB awards and vocational qualifications.


Let us answer your questions about apprenticeships

Get in touch with us to find out how apprenticeships might work for you. We’ve noted some of the key points here:

  • Most apprenticeships start towards the end of summer each year, but there are exceptions, so please get in touch.
  • You will get paid an annual salary directly into your bank account on a monthly basis. The rate of pay is based on the National Apprenticeship Wage however some placements may offer pay above this rate.
  • The length of an apprenticeship varies depending on your skill levels and the qualification being obtained. Generally you should expect an apprenticeship to last between one and two years.
  • You even get a paid holiday allowance which is all detailed in your contract from your employer which is discussed at your interview. It is important to note that, as with any job, your employer may need you to take all your holiday at certain times of the year.
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At Ignite, we recognise that no two apprenticeships are the same. In fact, we actively make sure they aren’t because that’s how we help the apprentice fit the organisation.

It all begins with a conversation.

If you send us your details we will give you a call to talk you through the process and show you how we will make it work for you.