Learning at work

Training in the workplace creates relevance and maintains productivity

We know how important it is to make employee learning relevant to the workplace, and to provide opportunities to apply that learning as quickly as possible. There is no better way to achieve this than to deliver the training in the workplace.

Not only does this bring the course to life for the learner, but it also minimizes disruption to the working day and allows an immediate application of the skills acquired.


Ignite Training has provided us with a structured way to provide high quality formal training and upskilling to our team via an apprentice programme which has delivered tremendous value. The whole process has been straight forward, the attention to detail and client care first class and most importantly it has given us a format to provide extra training and a qualification for colleagues while adding value to our business.

Greig Box Turnbull, MD of Fortitude Communications
Skills Development

Training in the workplace means the skills developed are tailored to your business

We start with the framework provided by the apprenticeship standard and then make sure this is applied to your particular work environment. In this way your apprentice is learning while fulfilling an active role in your organisation. This means the acquired skills are providing an immediate benefit to you and the learner, lifting the quality of your product or service and boosting productivity.

Cost effective

Using online training alongside site visits, our teaching experience is both engaging and efficient

Everyone has their own way of learning, so we make sure the syllabus provides for a varied experience, getting the best out of your apprentice. Learners will enjoy regular contact from our experienced team, providing feedback and development meetings.  Our proven approach will produce a more complete employee after completion.

Our team remains on hand throughout the process providing support and advice on additional CPD opportunities that may become relevant during the course.


We know your business is unique, so let’s talk

At Ignite, we recognise that no two apprenticeships are the same. In fact, we actively make sure they aren’t because that’s how we make the apprentice fit the organisation.

It all begins with a conversation.

If you send us your details we will listen as you tell us what you want your business to achieve. We will then help you take on one of the most exciting staffing developments you will do this year.