Why an apprenticeship?

With apprenticeships everybody learns, everybody gains

Taking on an apprentice gives you so much more than an extra pair of hands for your business. Most employers who take on an apprentice say the experience raises skill levels right across their organisation.

Everybody learns.

Furthermore, 78% of employers record an increase in overall productivity once an apprentice is on board. And a similar number note that apprenticeships help them improve the quality of their product or service.

Everybody gains.


Ignite Training has provided us with a structured way to provide high quality formal training and upskilling to our team via an apprentice programme which has delivered tremendous value. The whole process has been straight forward, the attention to detail and client care first class and most importantly it has given us a format to provide extra training and a qualification for colleagues while adding value to our business.

Greig Box Turnbull, MD of Fortitude Communications
Sustainable Support

An apprenticeship is a sustainable investment in skills to support your business

We provide a comprehensive service to make sure the apprenticeship works for you and the learner. We will guide you through the process of levy claims and any relevant employer incentives as well as giving you a safe and thorough recruitment service.


Effortless recruitment

We make apprenticeships simple and cost effective

We are a RoATP registered training provider, however our work starts way before the training begins. We make it our business to find the right apprentice for your setting and your challenges.

Our experience means you can rest assured we will support you and your apprentice through the entire journey from recruitment to completion and beyond as they develop their career with you.

This is all we have done since 1999 so we know how to ensure you and your apprentice get the most from the experience. We know where you need the most support and when we can take a step back and acknowledge that you are the boss.

While we work to the apprenticeship standards, we ensure the service we provide is bespoke to your business. So the support we give in recruitment, training and ongoing development is unique to you and your organisation.


We know your business is unique, so let’s talk

At Ignite, we recognise that no two apprenticeships are the same. In fact, we actively make sure they aren’t because that’s how we make the apprentice fit the organisation.

It all begins with a conversation.

If you send us your details we will listen as you tell us what you want your business to achieve. We will then help you take on one of the most exciting staffing developments you will do this year.