National Apprenticeship Week: How an apprenticeship at Ignite has helped me plan my career

Posted on: 8th Feb 2024

Izobel Fuller, Junior Content Producer Apprentice at Ignite, marks National Apprenticeship Week by detailing how her apprenticeship has opened new professional opportunities

First step

When my time at college came to an end, I found myself at a crossroads.

While I was studying my beauty therapy course, it became clear it was not the career I wanted to pursue.

Although uncertain about my next steps, I knew having a strong online and social media presence was key for any business.

This led me to consider options open to me in media, journalism and content creation.

While doing my research on local opportunities, I came across Ignite Training.

One of the things that attracted me to Ignite was the range of spaces I would be able to work and develop in with the support of partner organisations Velocity Football and Oxford City FC.

Fortunately, they had added the Level 3 Content Producer apprenticeship to their portfolio.

I was thrilled to secure a place on the 15 month course, which is now nearing completion.

Varied learning

The course turned out to be a perfect fit for me. I’ve always been more of a hands-on learner, and this apprenticeship catered exactly to that.

From social media and photography to media relations and copywriting, it covered a broad range of disciplines.

I was excited to get stuck into practical experiences, learning on the job, and gaining valuable insights into communications.

As I reflect on my apprenticeship, I realise how the wide-ranging course content has equipped me with skills and knowledge in various areas of content production and media relations.

The course hasn’t just been about learning, I’ve developed practical skills too which have made a difference to how I work.

Real-world impact

What sets Ignite apart for me is seeing the real-world impact of my apprenticeship.

I’ve taken ownership of tasks and projects that matter to the team, with one highlight being managing a social media campaign for Ignite’s Holiday, Activity and Food (HAF) programmes.

It allowed me to apply my skills in creating social media graphics on platforms like Canva, scheduling posts, and witnessing the campaign’s success – including the rollout of a bumper Christmas programme with over 1300 funded sessions for eligible families.

I also had the opportunity to delve into sports journalism, writing my first match reports for Oxford City’s men’s and women’s teams.

These experiences have not only built my confidence but also opened up exciting possibilities for my future career.

Shaping the future

This apprenticeship has been a game-changer for me.

Not only has this opportunity shaped my future but has also allowed me to contribute to the organisation.

I feel incredibly fortunate to have started my journey into content creation with Ignite and look forward to the opportunities ahead.

Whether I choose to continue my studies at university or search for full-time roles, I know I’m well-prepared for whatever comes my way.


About Ignite Training

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