COMMENT: How organisations can level-up owned content and external communications via apprenticeships!

Posted on: 18th Dec 2023

Sorcha Murphy, Business Development Manager at Ignite Training, discusses how many organisations are investing in apprenticeships to optimise their content creation 

In the modern world, a fact of life for all businesses, no matter the size or sector, is the all-important nature of social media, digital marketing and communications.

Having a credible online and social media presence is an essential skill that every organisation must learn to tap into.

That is why it is vital to add this kind of digital literacy to your vocational qualifications portfolio.

At Ignite Training, we strive to ensure our training offering remains adequately varied and cutting-edge.

A key way we have achieved this is with our rollout of the Level 3 Content Creator apprenticeship.

The course content is wide-ranging and rooted in the modern context to ensure it remains relevant to the contemporary social media,marketing and communications landscape.

Those enrolled in the apprenticeship benefit from developing a broad skillset across all forms of digital, print and broadcast media.

With a length of 12 months, the course encompasses key competencies in social media analytics, campaign management, photography, video production and copywriting.

Not only does this mean the apprenticeship equips learners with impressive knowledge and experience, but its versatility enables us to attract businesses across many different sectors.

Organisations choosing to partner with Ignite to level-up their online presence via the power of apprenticeships come from a wide range of sectors- from PR & Marketing firms and luxury recruitment agencies to professional sports clubs including Solihull Moors FC.

The broad appeal of the Content Creator apprenticeship demonstrates the value it can add to your organisation and the many different ways in which you can upskill your workforce.

A top priority for any training provider should be to ensure that their courses broaden the horizons of apprentices.

This means empowering them with a range of options for their future careers.

It is a key element of dispelling stubborn misconceptions that apprenticeships have a narrow focus in traditional trades such as bricklaying or vehicle mechanics and are reserved for school leavers.

A forward-thinking apprenticeship provider must cater for a broad range of skills, job roles and industries to remain appealing and satisfies to the needs of employers.

Rather than the outdated notion of apprenticeships being a costly burden for businesses to train junior hires, it is an investment in this vital aspect of your business operations.

Apprenticeships can be undertaken by both new and existing members of staff, and funds are available via the apprenticeship levy, which makes employing an apprentice a cost-effective strategic move for your business.

Sorcha Murphy, Business Development Manager, Ignite Training

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