Celebrating Learning at Work Week 2024

Posted on: 14th May 2024
Adult Education

This week is Learning at Work Week – an annual celebration which shines a light on the importance and benefits of continual learning and development.

It’s an opportunity to highlight how learning empowers people to develop professional and personal skills so they can grow and achieve goals, whatever they may be. At Ignite Training, we’re proud to celebrate Learning at Work Week and the focus it places on the value of education for all.

In our latest blog, we highlight how apprenticeships and adult education enhance key skills, knowledge and behaviours so every person has the ability to reach their true potential.

Continued professional development

Apprenticeships are a great way for anyone, at any stage in their career, to grow their skills and push themselves to discover something new.

It’s not only employees who benefit from apprenticeships but employers too, as their team members become more confident in an ever wider array of tasks.

Placing the professional development of team members into the hands of an apprenticeship provider also helps free up more time within a senior leadership team so they can focus on other responsibilities.

Changing attitudes to learning

Until recently, it was a commonly held belief that learning finished when a person left school. At Ignite Training, we’re proud to be part of the movement to change that mistaken preconception.

Apprenticeships are available in a huge range of sectors, so if a person is looking to change their job, there will be an apprenticeship out there to help them turn this dream into a reality.

However, apprenticeships are not just for those looking to move into an entirely new sector, they’re also a fantastic way for a person to increase their skillset and range within an area in which they already love working.

Many people are put off by courses which are expensive whilst simultaneously removing their ability to earn whilst they complete them. Apprenticeships couldn’t be more different. The ‘earn as you learn’ aspect means people can retain their full-time jobs with the learning element simply being integrated into their day to day working lives.

Fostering resilience

In recent years, the world of work has experienced some seismic shifts.

From the rise of hybrid working and flexible hours to the increased focus on sustainability and the transformation to the workplace triggered by various digital developments, what ‘going to work’ means has changed for many people.

The continued professional development people gain from an apprenticeship makes them more able to adapt to changes in the workspace, as well as updating them on what’s new and exciting in their sector.

Apprenticeships and Ignite Training

Ignite Training invest in the apprenticeship space, quite simply, because we believe in the power they have to change people’s lives. We’ve seen time and again that completing an apprenticeship empowers people to thrive.

If you’re considering studying an apprenticeship or are an employer and would like more information how to enrol new or existing staff onto a vocational qualification, drop a message to our friendly team today via:

Email: hello@ignitetraininguk.com

Phone: 0300 303 0890

We look forward to hearing from you soon!

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