Apprenticeship focus: Level 3 Junior Content Producer

Posted on: 2nd Nov 2021

The power of digital and its ability to allow organisations to take control of their own content has revolutionised how people engage with others professionally and socially.  

Near instant access to social media accounts which support the promotion of website copy, photography and video content mean businesses can connect with customers via digital 24/7.  

Whether you’re a sports club, charity or corporate service, quality content can drive positive online engagement and increase communication. But without an in-house expert, what options do you have?  

Ignite Training recently launched a brand-new Level 3 Junior Content Producer apprenticeship for new and existing employees wishing to develop their understanding of content production.  

The apprenticeship lasts a minimum of 12 months and is available to organisations on a national scale. This blog tells you everything you need to know about the course, and how to enrol.  

The course

Targeted towards sports clubs but available to businesses from all sectors, our Level 3 Junior Content Producer apprenticeship helps organisations upskill colleagues or recruit new talent.  

The course is open to people of all ages and will teach them how to create quality regular content across multiple platforms. This includes training on social media content and management, copy writing, content planning, video production, photography and other media.  

Like all apprenticeships, a minimum of 20% of our Junior Content Producer course will be dedicated to training and be provided either in-person or digitally via Zoom.  

Graduates will develop new skills and gain an industry recognised qualification suitable for careers in content production and media such as videographer, press officer, social media editor, journalist, photographer and more.  

Content is king

Last year, it was estimated 3.6 billion people worldwide created one or more social media accounts to connect with their friends, family and points of interest. That figure is expected to rise to 4.41 billion in the next four years.  

Without quality online content, organisations will be missing out on a small piece of that multi-billion pie. Carefully planned digital content can significantly improve the local, national and worldwide reputation of any organisation via news, features, surveys, human interest, thought leadership and so much more.  

Content helps organisations engage with their target audiences effectively and provides a platform to communicate key values, culture, people, services and expertise.  

Training partnership 

To deliver our Level 3 Junior Content Producer apprenticeship, Ignite Training has partnered with Oxford-based Fortitude Communications.  

Fortitude is a public relations agency that delivers impactful results across traditional media, digital and social media via written content, photography, video and drone. Its clients span professional services, transport, sustainability, healthcare, tech, charity, events and sport.  

Fortitude was founded by Greig Box Turnbull, a former Daily Mirror journalist and Oxford United manager director.  

Greig’s team includes TalkSport presenter and former Bauer Media editor Thom Airs, award-winning sports editor Richard Tilley and former chief sportswriter Shaun Reynolds. Richard will act as the course’s lead tutor while Thom will advise apprentices through the duration of their ‘earning and learning’ period.  

“Know your audience” 

Head Tutor Richard dubbed our Level 3 Junior Content Producer apprenticeship as the “only course of its kind” and encouraged organisations wishing to develop their content output to sign-up now.  

He said: “I am very excited about the potential of this course and its ability to develop a skilled workforce for the future via paid, on-the-job, training.  

“What is vital for content producers to understand is that they must know who they are trying to engage with when producing any content. A digital post aimed at attracting the attention of the younger generation is far more likely to gain the traction you want by posting on Twitter or Instagram, for example.   

“However, before any of this, we will teach apprentices how to generate quality content which will drive engagement and traffic to various online platforms.”  

Developing the next industry experts

Greig Box Turnbull, Managing Director of Fortitude Communications, added: “We are proud to be supporting Ignite Training in delivering this fantastic apprenticeship programme.  

“Content plays an increasingly important role in the day-to-day running of any sports club, charity or business. Content drives engagement and helps organisations strengthen engagement via storytelling.  

“This apprenticeship offers businesses an incredibly cost-effective way of developing new and existing staff and generating content which fits in with your values. We are looking forward to helping Ignite Training develop the next generation of communications professionals across the UK.”  

Government incentive  

For a limited time only, all organisations who hire a new apprentice will be able to access £4,000 of Government money.  

The ‘cash bonus’ scheme was announced by Chancellor of the Exchequer Rishi Sunak in March and was recently extended to support businesses investing in apprentices until January 31, 2022.  

See further information about the Government’s cash bonus scheme and how it can benefit your organisation.  

If you’re interested in learning more about Ignite Training’s Level 3 Junior Content Producer apprenticeship, please call 0300 303 0890 or email 

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